Last Thursday night should have been Massive at the Hard Rock Café, Glasgow

Continuing the non-gig reviews of 2020 theme, last Thursday night should have seen Boy Child, Mr A and I heading to Glasgow to see Aussie rockers Massive at the Hard Rock Cafe but a certain virus that’s going around has continued to put paid to things.

C’est la vie!


I’ve been a big fan of these boys since I was fortunate enough to get a preview copy of their debut album Full Throttle to review about six years ago. I was hooked instantly and promised them then that I’d be on the rail every time they came to town. I haven’t let them down yet.

From that first Glasgow show in the O2 ABC 2 , sadly now burnt out, on 7 October 2014 when they opened for The Treatment, to their Aussie Wrecking Tour visit to the Cathouse in 2016, Ivory Blacks in 2018 and Stereo last year, I’ve kept that promise.

Here’s some highlights from those shows to let you see what you have been missing


and my ultimate favourite song on their set list, Ghost


Wherever and whenever Massive return you can be sure that I’ll still be keeping that promise and will be there to rock (or is it party?) with these hardworking boys.


Until they return in 2021 with a rescheduled tour, you can catch up with them here –


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Well last night should have been Brian Fallon at SWG3 Glasgow


Well last night was meant to be a nice drive to Glasgow, a walk along the banks of the River Clyde and a trip to SWG3 to see Brian Fallon but a certain virus put paid to those plans…..sigh……

The show has been re-scheduled until 31 January 2021 and having seen Brian several times before it will be well worth waiting for.

I can’t wait to hear songs from his latest album Local Honey played live although I do hope the set contains some of my longstanding personal favourites.

So until we can enjoy the show from the rail, here’s some memories from past evening’s spent in the company of Mr Fallon


and who will ever forget this….


See you in 2021!


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Well Monday night should have been The White Buffalo….

To continue with my “almost gigs” theme, Monday should have seen Boy Child, Mr A and myself heading for Glasgow’s O2 Academy to see The White Buffalo. That outing will need to wait until 6th December now…. C’est la vie.


Boy Child and I were fortunate enough to see The White Buffalo last time he was in town. It was an awesome show despite the poor guy suffering somewhat from laryngitis. Lots of great memories of that night….enough to keep us going until 6 December .


Here’s a few highlights



See you in December, sir.



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Well April 14th should have been Like A Storm

Like everyone else, the gig calendar looks bleak and this blog is feeling a little unloved.

So, in an effort to keep thing positive….. gigs will be rescheduled in time I’m sure.

Tuesday 14th April should have been Like A Storm in Glasgow but fate and COVID19 decided otherwise.

In the meantime though, let’s look back at some photos from when the boys supported Alter Bridge in 2016.

Looking forward to the rescheduled date, guys.



You can catch up with the latest news from the boys here:

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New Year’s Day @ The Garage, Glasgow 23 February 2020

My 2020 music drought ended on Sunday evening. (Must have been the only drought in Scotland- it’s barely stopped raining this year so far!)

It had been 68 days since my last live music fix – too long!

No trains this time. I was accompanied and chauffeur driven by Miss Rose Wine (It’s been WAY too long since we last ventured out together!)

When we arrived at The Garage on a rather chilly evening, fortunately between storm squalls, we found a growing queue of music fans. A good start to the evening.

So, who were we queuing in the cold to see? Los Angeles’ own, New Year’s Day!

This was New Year’s Day’s first Scottish headline show. Those who read this blog regularly may recall that I said back in November that I hoped to see these guys headline a small venue. Seems the music gods have been listening.

First on the bill for the evening were Call Me Amour, fronted by Harry Redford formerly of Yashin. They ably got the evening off to an energetic start and, judging by the crowd’s reaction, had brought their own core fanbase with them. Call Me Amour were a new name to me, but these guys deserve to go far. Loved Harry Redford’s vocals. He brought a certain confidence to the stage as well as few high jumps! Check these guys out on You Tube


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Next up were Lowlives from Los Angeles- well half of them are. Their front man Lee Downer aka Lee Villain and drummer Luke Johnson are both of English origin. Like Call Me Amour before them they delivered a slick high energy support slot. There is something infinitely likeable about Lee Villain, who bravely ventured out into the crowd to play, much to the crowd’s delight. He did however discover it was further back to the stage than he’d anticipated! Well played, guys! Definitely a band to watch out for.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As the crew worked to turn the stage around, the PA tape played. Black Wedding by In This Moment came on and the crowd, already hyped up by the support bands, sang along and cheered as the song ended! Love when this happens.


As the lights dimmed shortly before 9pm, the Glasgow chant of “Here we, here we, here we f**king go” echoed round the room. Glasgow was more than ready to welcome New Year’s Day to their hearts and the stage.

Gone is frontwoman Ash Costello’s red and black look, replaced for 2020 with a striking white blonde/black image. (You been hanging out with Maria Brink too long, Ash? Lol) It’s nigh on impossible not to fall for the charm of her chatty delivery. Mid way through their somewhat short headline set, Ash commented herself that she’s been told she talks too much. Don’t share a stage with Shinedown’s Brent Smith – no one would get a word in edgeways and it would be the shortest set ever! LOL

New Year’s Day opened their sixty-minute set with Come For Me from their current album Unbreakable. This was followed by Malevolence, one of my favourites, from their 2015 debut album of the same name.

There were two cover songs in the set. The first of these was F**king Hostile, the Pantera anthem. Definitely one of the highlights of the night. A few songs later it was a cover of Kehlani’s Gangsta that had the fans on side.

One thing that can be said for New Year’s Day is that they like things to be “smokin’” There was so much dry ice about that it was very hard at times to actually see the band on stage. Hint- cut it back a bit, please.

And my only other constructive observation of the evening is that for a headline set, this one was too short. I wholly appreciate that New Year’s Day only have two albums to pull material from plus the covers they do but the set would have benefited from being three or four songs longer in my humble opinion.

This was the third time I’d seen Ash and her boys. I’m pretty confident that it won’t be the last.

2020 is finally off and rocking!





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2019 musical highlights

Well,  it’s that time of year again.  Time to reflect on the highlights of the year… so many to choose from.

The year started back in January with Avatar and ended in December with a run of 3 Alter Bridge shows.  In between there were Disturbed, Greta van Fleet, Halestorm, Disturbed, Volbeat, Slash ft Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Black Stone Cherry and Ghost and many more.

There were numerous support acts ( yes, I always arrive early to see all bands on the bill)- some were better than others I’ll admit.

So, how did the year look? Well a bit like this….

2019 music 12019 Music 22019 Music 32019 music 42019 music 5

There’s been lasers, pyro, CO2 cannons, confetti but the effect that stole my heart….. Avatar’s bubbles!!!


Here’s to another awesome year of music in 2020!

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Alter Bridge @ SSE Hydro Glasgow 17 December 2019

The day had finally dawned- my final rock show of not only 2019 but the decade- and yes, the honour was falling to Alter Bridge. (Yes, I know I’ve seen them twice already this week. Deal with it! LOL)

No trains on this occasion as I drove up the M8, unchaperoned, in time for the meet and greet at 1.30.

Experiencing a band’s soundcheck is a rare treat. When the ninety some fans were led into the arena, what struck me was that this is a “working” space. It’s their office. There were road crew sorting out the support bands’ equipment. There were drum kits lined up ready to be loaded on stage. Setting up for the show is a production line. Much as I love to see the band in this “work” mode, I was enjoying the run through of the lighting rig from further back in the arena. The colours are spectacular!

Anyway, moving along a few cold hours to 6.45pm. Yes, I was back in my favourite “rail queen” position as the lights dimmed for the imminent arrival of show opens The Raven Age. The sound woes from Manchester had long since been banished and these boys were obviously lobbing being out on stage in The Hydro. Glasgow took these boys to their hearts and their opening set was warmly received. Having now seen them open for Alter Bridge three times, I’d love to see them play a headline show. Hurry back to Glasgow, boys. We need to hear more!


Shinedown are no strangers to Glasgow. They are also no strangers to The Hydro having opened for Alter Bridge back in 2013 and for Iron Maiden in 2017. When they stepped out on stage looking rather regal in their yellow and black “uniforms” there was an air of confidence that had perhaps been missing at the previous show.

Like The Raven Age, their set remained unchanged from the previous shows. As is his want, Brent Smith parted the crowd two songs in and did his customary “run” to the rear of the room. Perhaps with a little less success at keeping the line open on this occasion but the energetic front man made it back on stage safely in time to deliver a fantastic rendition of Enemies. As ever the song that stole my heart was Simple Man – just love it and never grows old.

Brilliant rounded things off in spectacular fashion.

Awesome set and I caught 2 commemorative Scottish Shinedown picks.

Happy days!

S 1S 2S 4S 5S 9S 10S 11S 12S 13S 14

As the One Life intro played, I let out a sigh. This was it. My last Alter bridge show for this year was underway.

I’ve never known two hours to disappear so fast!

Sticking with an opening trio of Wouldn’t You Rather, Isolation and Come To Life, Alter bridge showed that they were out to rock The Hydro to the rafters! From the off, the Scottish fans were in fine voice!

Following Ghost Of Days Gone By, Myles introduced another old heavy favourite from The Last Hero era – Crows On A Wire. Glasgow loves the heavy stuff!


After the beautiful Dying Light, Myles stepped forward to play with the fans, encouraging them to sing back to him to echo what he was playing. Glasgow didn’t need to be asked twice and after a few minutes prompted Myles to declare “Damn, you’re good!” Myles, Glasgow loves to sing! And sing they did through fan favourite Rise Today.

Native Son, swiftly becoming a fan favourite from the Walk The Sky album followed. Awesome on the record and even more awesome live.

As the video screens showed stormy seas, the clues were obvious. Next up was the mighty Waters Rising. Mark’s vocals just go from strength to strength. Another monster of a song!

This show was flying in too fast!

Glasgow was treated to a beautiful version of the much-loved Watch Over You. I love the acoustic slot in the shows and personally would love to see it stretched out to two or three songs. As a bonus, there were no bees to chase Myles this time. (Although there was mention earlier in the day of a bird in the arena.)

The incredible and majestic Blackbird followed, soaring out over the adoring fans. This one never grows old. Love it!

There were only two songs left on the main set- Open Your Eyes and the mighty Metalingus. Hard to tell from the rail but I’m pretty sure Glasgow rules when it comes to the Metalingus Mosh.

An all too short and sweet encore of Godspeed and Addicted To Pain followed.


Picks were thrown. Drumsticks were tossed. Setlists were even made into paper airplanes and flown over the fans. Magical moments.

Possibly the best of the three shows I’ve been lucky enough to experience on this tour- then again maybe I’m a little biased towards Glasgow as well as Alter Bridge.

Til next time.

Hurry back, boys!

AB 2AB 5AB 6AB 14AB 20AB 21AB 22AB 23AB 24AB 25AB 43AB 44AB 45AB 46AB 47AB 48AB 49

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Alter Bridge @ MEN Arena Manchester 15 December 2019

Last Sunday morning it was the 9:47 to Manchester rather than the 5:25 to Glasgow.

Having waved goodbye to Robin Hood as I passed Nottingham Castle, I headed on foot to the station, praying that the trains were running on time.

Give or take five minutes, the rather overcrowded 947 arrived at Manchester Piccadilly. Another short ride out to Manchester Victoria on an equally crowded train and I was there with time to spare before the 1:30 rendezvous for the meet and greet.

I’ll not bore you the blow by blow account but will summarise several hours in a few words. Sound check sounded sweet. The meet and greet photo opportunity was oh so short and oh so sweet. Then we queued…. In various places around the arena thanks to a lack of organisations…for hours! It was well worth it.

Rail spot secured for a second night in a row, I waited with bated breath for the show to begin.

Sound problems plagued The Raven Age from the outset. Friends later told me that the sound was better further back in the arena but down at the front we could barely hear vocalist Matt James. The band played a solid set once more, delivering the same seven songs as they had done in Nottingham the night before. Again, The Day The World Stood Still was the highlight song for me. Was left wishing that the sound had been better for all concerned. Sorry, guys.


By the time Shinedown took to the stage a short while later, the sound issues had disappeared. There’s an almost military precision to Shinedown’s set and in some respects front man Brent Smith reminds me a of a ballet dancer such is the sharpness and accuracy of his moves. Like The Raven Age before them, they too stuck with the same set up to a point.

Eric Bass, the bass player, seemed particularly animated as he leapt and spun across the stage. I was even fortunate enough to catch a pick. Thank you!

Stand out songs on this occasion were Monsters, Second Chance and, of course, Simple Man.

Following an awesome Sound of Madness, Brent Smith turned the stage over to guitarist Zach Myers to perform a rather poignant and emotionally charged performance of the Oasis song Don’t Look Back In Anger.


Shinedown rounded their set off in energetic style with Brilliant.

S 1S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 12S 13

Before Alter Bridge’s One Life intro was over, the Manchester crowd were showing their love for the band judging by the volume of their initial reaction.

I have to be honest here. I’m more used to lively Scottish crowds and the Manchester audience seemed a little static.

Alter Bridge were on fire on stage. Compared to the The Last Hero tour there is a new energy to the Walk The Sky shows. Visually they are more spectacular with the banks of screens, laser lights and CO2 jets.

There were six songs from the current album on the seventeen song setlist, not including One Life. I feel it’s fair to say that most of these were well-received by the vast crowd but the fans still love the “classic” Alter Bridge tracks.

After the fabulous Ghost Of Days Gone By (Have I mentioned that I love that one?) Myles announced that they were going to play s song requested by a fan earlier in the day. Thanks to the fan’s request, we were treated to My Champion from the Last Hero album. Wonderful stuff!


There was a certain magic to another song from the Last Hero a few songs further into the set. AS Myles stepped into the spotlight and began to play the intro to Cry Of Achilles, he had everyone in the arena in the palm of his hand. (OK most of us had been there all night-he can do no wrong) Love that song.

Next it was Mark Tremonti’s turn to sing the lead vocal as he stepped forward to perform Forever Falling. Awesome song on the album and even more awesome live!

Two stools were brought out on stage next. That could only mean one thing- an acoustic duet. But which one? In Loving Memory. Such an emotional but beautiful song. A few wet cheeks around me after that as emotions got the better of a lot of us. As to continue the emotional rollercoaster, Blackbird followed.

Three powerful songs in a row, guys!

The Metalingus Mosh restored the element of fun to proceedings as Alter Bridge rounded out their main set. Myles holds the fans down in that crouch position for a LONG time! Thank God for the rail to help you bounce up!

After a brief sojourn into the wings, Alter Bridge returned to the stage for a two-song encore – Godspeed and Addicted To Pain.

Incredible show from four of the best. Thank you, boys!

AB 6AB 12AB 15AB 16AB 17AB 18AB 30AB 31AB 43AB 45AB 46AB 47AB 50AB 48

There was only one negative element to the whole show and that’s the arena’s policy on sharing water with the fans at the front few rows. A communal sports bottle of water shared all too closely by multiple fans on purely the front row is both unhygienic and dangerous. Five hours on the rail with no water makes the show an endurance event. I just wish common sense would prevail here and see this ludicrous policy reviewed. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll ever return to Manchester Arena and the lack of public hygiene standards and hydration for the fans are the primary reasons. Sad….


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Alter Bridge at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham 14 December 2019

I guess I should add a subtitle to this one – Alter Bridge Adventures 2019 part one.

After a very early start, three trains and nine long hours after I left the house, I finally arrived by taxi at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham- unchaperoned.

had purchased the meet and greet VIP package but thanks to the various rail delays that plagued the journey, I miss the soundcheck and the meet and greet photo opportunity. C’est la vie….

Thanks to the lovely Helen and Samantha I managed to get my laminated pass that secured my early entry for the show itself. I could’ve hugged those lovely ladies! Thank you!!!

I’ve done the meet and greet before so I happily whiled away the hours til showtime in the company of some of the warmest, friendliest people you could hope to meet,

Shortly after 6pm the doors opened and I took up my rail spot for the show. Excited didn’t begin to cover it!

Illness in the Sevendust camp had led to a change of opening support band for the evening.

The Raven Age, a five-piece band from London, had been the opening act for the mainland Europe shows on this leg of the Alter Bridge tour and they had stepped in at short notice to play the 6 UK shows.

They opened their seven-song set with Betrayal of the Mind and from the off delivered a solid performance. This was my first time seeing these boys live so I was keen to see and hear what they had in store. Highlights for me were The Day The World Stood Still and The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships. If I had to offer up one minor criticism, it is that their set loses a little continuity and momentum by front man, Matt James’ frequent disappearances behind the screen to the side. No idea what he was doing back there!


Shinedown were up next. Now, I love Shinedown – older Shinedown up to say Amaryllis. The last two albums have left me a little cold if I’m honest. I’ve seen these guys several times before and, as it had been a couple of years, I was keen to see them again. They didn’t disappoint.

With almost an hour at their disposal, Shinedown played what can only be described as a mini- headline set. They exploded onto the stage with an opening duo of Devil and Diamond Eyes (Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom). Awesome start! Resplendent in black and yellow, the band were playing like a well-oiled machine. Yes, their show is choreographed to the last step and scripted but it’s done to perfection.

Love it or hate it, front man Brent Smith loves to talk….and talk. Personally, I feel the time he wastes running through the crowd could be better invested in giving the fans an extra song. Merely my humble opinion and others may strongly disagree with me.

Shinedown squeezed ten songs into their allotted time and highlights for me were Second Chance, Simple Man (I love that one) and the Sound of Madness. As I declared, I love the older stuff.


They ended their set with Brilliant.

Brilliant it was!

S 7S 9S 10S 12S 13

Finally, the time had come- It was Alter Bridge’s turn to return to the UK stage. Their intro tape on this tour is the haunting One Life that opens their current album Walk The Sky. Before the fans realised, the band were all on stage and opening their two-hour set with Wouldn’t You Rather from the current record.

This was followed by two firm fan favourites, Isolation and Come To Life. Before they began Come To Life, front man Myles Kennedy introduced Mark Tremonti as “Santa Tremonti” and explained that they would be giving away the guitar played by Mark on Come To Life at the end of the song. A few short minutes later, a young fan thought all his Christmases had come at once!

I could watch these guys play all night every night. Yes, I am rather biased in their favour and most definitely in Myles’ favour.

It was great to see the guys looking as though they were enjoying being back in the UK but the expanse of the stage did make it feel a little as though there were quite far apart. It would have been great to see more of Brian, Myles and Mark playing together centre stage…. merely an observation.

As always one of my favourite songs Ghost Of Days Gone By was one of the highlights of the seventeen-song set.

This was followed by a rare treat- Burn It Down with Mark Tremonti taking over on vocals. Awesome rendition. Loved it.

Rise Today, usually found at the end of the set on previous tours, has found a new niche mid set, flanked by Native Son and Take The Crown, both from Walk The Sky.

Mark stepped up to the mic for a second time to sing the surging Waters Rising. The video screens at the rear of the stage showed swirling stormy waters. Enough to make a rock fan seasick!

There was one acoustic moment and this followed Waters Rising as Myles stepped out on stage alone to play Watch Over You. More accurately, it’s semi-acoustic as the rest of Alter Bridge stepped back out on stage to join him for the final verse and chorus. A new arrangement of an old favourite that freshens the ballad up beautifully.

There really only was one song that could follow that – Blackbird. Soaring, emotional, performed to perfection, breathtaking solos – need I say more?

Open Your Eyes has also moved to a new home on the set and hearing it perhaps caught a few stalwart fans off guard. No need to panic…there was more to come!

The mighty Metalingus followed to close out the main set. This is also time for the ultimate audience participation as the on the signal from Myles, the entire crowd crouch down. He held us down there a long time! Right on cue though, thousands of ecstatic fans jumped up to be greeted by smiling Alter Bridge faces. Fun way to end the set.

After a few brief moments off stage, Alter Bridge returned to close the show with Godspeed and Addicted To Pain.

I think I’m addicted to Alter Bridge.

Till next time…not too long to wait…merely 24hrs.

AB 6AB 7AB 20AB 22AB 23AB 24AB 25AB 26AB 27

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Halestorm at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow 24 November 2019

For the second time in a week, we were driving up the M8 in the rain and the dark heading for the SSE Hydro. The difference this time was that I was in the driving seat and it was only Boy Child and I who were heading the venue.

So, who were off to see?


I’ve actually lost count of the number of times I’ve seen these guys. I think this was to be my 10th Halestorm show or thereabouts. However, this was to be the first  time that they headlined the SSE Hydro arena. A far cry from being the support to Shinedown in the O2 Academy a long time ago when I first saw them….

Despite being near the head of the queue we struggled to get a decent spot. (The rail was filled with Halestorm VIPS who had done the whole meet and greet experience) We made the best of the options available and took up a position not a million miles away from where we’d stood to watch Ghost earlier in the week. It turned out to be a dubious choice…. but that’s a story for another day. Let’s just say some VIPs need to learn a little “crowd manners” ……

There were three bands on the bill- all fronted by women. Girls are taking over the mics!

First up were New Year’s Day from Los Angeles, who are fronted by the talented Ash Costello. I’d seen these guys five years ago when they opened for Escape The Fate at The Garage and was keen to see how their sound had matured. They delivered a solid opening eight song set much to the delight of those present. Ash Costello knows how to work a stage and engage a crowd! She is very chatty! Loved their set despite the issues I was having actually seeing the stage. I’d like to see them headline a show in a smaller venue to get a better feel for them but all in all the evening was off to an awesome start!


As the road crew worked to change the stage round the PA played Bohemian Rhapsody. Cue community singing “Scaramouch…Scaramouch……”


Next up were In This Moment, also from LA. The stage was “uniquely” set up with a small fenced in platform and a tent at the back of the stage with In This Moment’s iconic logo mounted above it. Their backdrop was a huge pentagram. I really wasn’t sure what to expect….

Front woman Maria Brink is, shall we say, “eccentric” in her approach. Very dramatic and theatrical. A recent magazine interview with Lzzy hale described Maria Brink as a cross between Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

After an intro of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, In This Moment took to the stage. Shrouded in a sheet, adorned with an ornate halo headdress, Maria Brink appeared on the raised platform being fawned over by two prowling dancers.

What followed was an intriguing forty-minute, eight song set, numerous costume changes and the confirmation that this really was akin to Lady Gaga meets The Pale Emperor himself.

As with New Year’s Day I was experiencing “viewing” issues ( 6’3” over enthusiastic headbanger vs 5’3” wee me wasn’t working out too well). I’d like to see these guys another day, perhaps in a smaller room and without the blight of technical glitches. I suspect their technical difficulties destroyed the flow of an otherwise impressive performance…. bizarre…. very bizarre ….



At 9.30 pm the lights dimmed for a final time as we waited patiently for Halestorm to take to the stage. The usual Glasgow chant of “Here we, here we, here we f**king go” was ringing out loud and clear.

Appearing centre stage as her boys took up their positions, Lzzy began their eighteen-song, ninety-minute set with the sleazily seductive Do Not Disturb, from their current album, Vicious. Right from the off, it was clear Halestorm were on their A Game. Two of my favourites, Love Bites (So Do I) and Mz Hyde, followed. What a way to open a show!

In her trademark nine-inch heels, Lzzy had the Scottish crowd in the palm of her hand. Glasgow just loves this girl!

As I mentioned earlier, the first time I saw Halestorm they were the support band for Shinedown at the O2 Academy. Over the years I’ve seen them step up a venue size with every headline show. They have played the SSE Hydro before as support to Alter Bridge back in 2013. As Lzzy herself said, it was a dream come true for them to return and headline a show at the SSE Hydro and, as a fan, it was a pleasure to see these guys watch their dream become reality.

A Familiar Taste Of Poison made a return to their set, (I really missed it last time out) closely followed by crowd favourite Amen.

Then it was Arejay’s turn to shine! Who can resist Arejay Hale’s playful drum solo? And as for those “big sticks” …… awesome stuff! Despite the dodgy dress sense, he truly is one of my favourite drummers!

Freak Like Me followed and all of Lzzy’s “freaks” would have happily followed her anywhere.

Chemicals and I Am The Fire rounded out the main body of the set, Halestorm certainly were on fire!

After a few moments off stage, Lzzy returned alone. A keyboard had been wheeled out to centre stage. In the spotlight, behind her piano. Lzzy demonstrated just how incredible that voice really is with a medley of Break In, Dear Daughter and a cover of Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You. Absolutely stunning!

Red solo cups in hand, the rest of the band returned to toast the fans with a storming version of Here’s To Us before bringing the show to a climax with She Won’t Mind and I Miss The Misery.

Eargasmically awesome show! Definitely the best performance I have seen them deliver.

Hurry back, folks, I Miss The Halestorm!

H 7H 8H 9H 14H 19H 21H 26H 28H 29H 31H 32H 33H 34H 35H 36H 37


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