Parallel Redemption – Existence

Parallel Redemption

I am always keen to encourage and promote new and up-and-coming talent. One such band to cross my radar recently are Parallel Redemption.

This five piece band, who hail from the Glasgow area, recently released their latest single “Existence.” It follows hot on the heels of their 2014 debut EP “Not Everything Not Yet.”

Parallel Redemption describe themselves as post hardcore/metalcore. I’m not sure that the genre definition is accurate having listened to “Existence”.

This is an instantly enjoyable track. The opening lyric section and intro are reminiscent of Nothing More. Musically and vocally these teenagers sound older and wiser than their years and are oozing talent and energy.

“Existence” showcases some excellent drumming by Luke Brown and some superb guitar work by both Ross Homer and Joe Kelly. For me this single would benefit from a heavier bassline from bassist/vocalist Callum Renfrew. Vocalist Jonny Cann, with support from Callum Renfrew, does a sterling job. Personally speaking, I felt the growls, approximately one minute into the song were a little overbearing. The second growling segment a minute or so later was more toned down and in keeping with the overall feel of the song. All in though, a solid mix of melodic rock and dark growls. One minor constructive criticism – watch your pronunciation and diction, guys.

Loved the lyrics to this one. The opening line of “Existence” sums it up succinctly – “I am the voice inside your head.”

Yes, Parallel Redemption you are! Very catchy tune. Excellent effort all round



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