Tremonti – Dust


The third album from Tremonti, Dust, was released last week via Fret 12. Produced by the talented Michael “Elvis” Baskette, Dust is the “companion” album to 2015’s Cauterize. I use the term “companion” loosely. Both albums were recorded together, ten tracks on each. Prior to Dust’s release, concerns were voiced online that it may be a collection of B-sides.


Dust is a powerful beast of an album!

The record opens with My Last Mistake. With its aggressive thrash metal intro, Tremonti instantly grabs their listener by the throat! This one is hard and heavy, setting the tone from the off. There is a huge chorus here that fans are bound to love in the live setting.

Next up is The Cage, bringing another mind blowing speed metal riff from Mr Tremonti. Again there’s a strong fan friendly chorus. Star of this track has to be Garrett Whitlock on drums. Awesome drumming, young man!

Title track, Dust, slows things down for a few moments. This is a soaring epic song that really shows how Mark Tremonti has matured as a vocalist over the past few years. Dust is full of soul and there’s a passion in the delivery of this one. Love it!

Tore My Heart Out adds another dimension to this album. There’s more of a grunge/psychedelic feel to this track. It would also be fair to say that there’s an Alter Bridge feel to it too. Love it.

Catching Fire is yet another huge heavy and powerful track. More incredible riffs. Fantastic drumming – possibly the best drum track on the record. Huge fan friendly chorus. Really hope this one makes the set list when Tremonti tour next month…hint..hint.

Tremonti have saved the best till last on Dust. Like Cauterize before it, Dust concludes on a mellower note with Unable To See. Again, like Providence on Cauterize, this song could’ve found its way into the Alter Bridge file but I’m glad to say it didn’t. A stunningly delicately picked intro is followed by a warm heartfelt vocal performance from Mark Tremonti. Is it the strongest vocal track on the record? No. Is it the one with the most raw emotion and passion for the lyrics? Yes! My highlight of the whole album. Love love love it!

In all honesty there’s not a weak track on Dust. It has a different vibe to it than Cauterize, despite the two records being recorded simultaneously, but that’s not a bad thing.  There’s still strong speed and thrash metal influences mixed in with the grunge influences and Alter Bridge-esque moments but in essence that’s what Tremonti’s sound has evolved from.

Much as I love the bass tracks laid down by Wolfgang Van Halen, it would be fantastic if going forward we could hear what touring bassist Tanner Keegan could do in a studio setting.

All in all, an awesome third outing from Messrs Tremonti, Friedman, Whitlock and Van Halen. Can’t wait to hear how it all translates to the live stage.

See you in Glasgow  in June, guys!





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